Lynchburg City Strives To Maintain Handicap Accessibility For Polling Places

Lynchburg, VA- Lynchburg voting officials are taking strides to increase accessibility at city polling places. Lynchburg's Registrar says all city polling places meet handicap accessibility criteria and are kept up to date, but there are still a few areas they want to keep an eye on.

One is the new Sandusky Middle School, which has a long walkway. The other is R.S. Payne Elementary School, which has dim lighting.

The Registrar says they met with the Lynchburg Electoral Board and Facilities Director for Lynchburg City Schools yesterday and discussed changes. The lights are set to be fixed at R.S. Payne and an increased railing for Sandusky's walkway was discussed.

The Registrar says if anyone has difficulty getting into a polling place they should report it. Anyone who is 65 and older or has a handicap can vote curbside.