New School Security Measures at Lynchburg Schools

Lynchburg, VA - Schools closed for several days last week after we got hit with the major snow storm.

While the students were out, crews got to work. Contractors installed security vestibules in several elementary schools.

The vestibules will force visitors to check in with the security clerk before they enter the school.
The clerk will then run the visitors ID through the 'Rapture System' which will flag registered sex offenders.
"This came from the state department but Lynchburg City Schools have taken it a step further. They are trying to ensure that all of our students are as safe as possible," explained Heritage Elementary School Principal Sharon Anderson.
Contractors will continue to install the security vestibules on Lynchburg City School campuses on weekends.
Heritage Elementary School expects theirs to be up and running in a few weeks, but so far no word on when the vestibules will be on all campuses.