Lynchburg City Schools Start New Year on Monday

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Schools had its first day on Monday.

Thousands of kids boarded the big yellow buses, bright and early, to begin the 2014-2015 school year.

Lynchburg City Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott Brabrand couldn't be more pleased saying check in went well and it had been a beautiful day. Dr. Brabrand said work crews didn't take much time off during the summer, to create big improvements for students.

Among the projects are new modular classroom additions at Bedford Hills Elementary Schools.

"Over four new classrooms, brand new, to deal with the increasing enrollment out there at that elementary school," said Dr. Brabrand.

He said more than 8,000 children enrolled in a Lynchburg City School this year.

Bedford Hills Elementary Principal Faye James says kids and parents have handled the return to classes well.

"Everyone's excited! The first day of school, you see a lot of smiles," said James. "Not many tears, which is a good thing for the first day of school."

More excitement is on the way for incoming high school freshmen.

The new LCS-One Chromebook computers are expected to be rolled out to 9th graders in mid-September.