Lynchburg City Schools Makes Final Preparations For New Year

While students are enjoying their final days of vacation, officials at Lynchburg City Schools are making sure their hard work over the summer is ready to be turned in. Roof replacements, new windows, and painting; The new playground at Linkhorne Elementary. It's just a sampling of the projects workers have been tackling in preparation for the new year. .

Crews have been hard at work on the new Heritage High School since school ended in June. New Baseball and Softball Fields are scheduled to be completed by November 1st, with students moving on, on schedule, in the fall of 2016.Meanwhile, designers are preparing for bids on a new auditorium and theater for EC Glass High School -- complete with upgrades to lighting, sound, and safety. Assistant Superintendent Ben Copeland says the work is overdue, stating "The original building dates from the 1950's, it's a wonderful facility, and it just needs a little upkeep and maintenance."Administrators also unveiled the rollout timeline for the new "LCS-One" technology program. Starting in mid-September, freshmen will get Google Chromebooks. The tablets will allow students to do homework and access textbooks, right from their computer screen. The computers are free, but parents and students are on the hook for damages and replacing a lost computer. However, parents do have the option of purchasing an affordable protection program, for a one time fee of $75, that covers loss or damage. LCS Dir. of Technology David Childress notes "That's the way it is today with textbooks that our students get. Obviously, we can't charge a fee or anything for that, but if they damage the textbook, they lose the textbook, then they are required to pay for that."

In other board news, members voted unanimously to increase the price of school lunches by 25 cents, starting this year. High school students will now pay $2.45 for their cafeteria lunch.