Lynchburg City Schools Dismiss Students Early Because of Snow

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Schools made the decision to close two hours early Friday morning. But by the time schools got out, the snow was already beginning to fall.

For parents like Patrice Rosser, it was a race against the clock. Dearington Elementary was her first stop of many.

"I'm very nervous cause I have three children at three difference schools. So, we're traveling to get the other two in just a minute," Patrice Rosser said, with her first-grade daughter in tow.

With the school day almost over and snow already falling, bus drivers like Nathaniel Clavon were growing more concerned.

"Not a lot of people drive well in snow. It's difficult to drive in and we just all need to be very careful," Clavon said, his hands still clutching the wheel.

The winter weather made it difficult for students to concentrate on school said, said Principal Terrie Haley.

"When they arrived today we didn't see any snow and now that the snow is coming down, the excitement is rising," Haley said just before dismissal.

Those dance moves you thought were impossible? With a little bit of snow, Anyla Williams, a first-grader at Dearington Elementary, made the "Moon Walk" look easy.

At Liberty University, plows and employees were on standby.

"We have four salt trucks, 18 plows and 50 field operations personnel," said Liberty University Spokesperson Johnnie Moore.

Their main focus, keeping the thousands of parking spaces cleared, while students and staff called on a higher power.

"All my friends think I'm crazy because I'm praying for snow all the time," said Connie Schoffer, a school employee, after proudly referring to herself as a Yankee.

These schools in our area have announced SAT tests are canceled Saturday:

  • Martinsville High School rescheduled until February
  • George Washington HS rescheduled until February
  • Buckingham County Schools
  • Carlisle School-Martinsville

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