Lynchburg City Schools Considers 25 Cent Lunch Price Hike

Lynchburg, VA - School lunch costs are on the rise again in Lynchburg. Some parents will now have to fork over an extra 25 cents for their student's meal.The proposed meal price puts lunch in Hill City Schools at $2.45 for some students.Lynchburg City School students pay more for lunch than students in any surrounding county. With this 25 cent increase lunch would cost $2.25 for elementary aged students, $2.45 for secondary aged students. The next closest school system is Bedford County, still 10 cents cheaper at $2.35.The price hike would only affect students that do not qualify for reduced or free lunch, that's around 36% of Lynchburg City School students. As administrators explained Tuesday, of that 36%, it's likely half or even fewer that actually buy their lunch at school.Administrators explained to the board that the increase is necessary to keep up with federal menu mandates under the Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act which aims to make school lunches healthier. The catch though is that federal and state funding, is not keeping up with these requirements."There's a catch 22 because we have to buy enough to make sure if every kid's going to eat it today that we have it, at the same time, we know every kid is not going to eat it. So we've just got to do the best we can" said Anthony Beckles, the Lynchburg City Schools' CFO.This is the third year now Lynchburg will see a school lunch price hike. The new prices were not approved Tuesday. The school board will vote on the proposal during their August meeting.