Lynchburg City Retirees Could Pay More For Insurance

Lynchburg, VA - Retired Lynchburg city employees who pay next to nothing for health insurance could be forced to pay more for their coverage, and current employees could have to start paying.

Council held a council work session Tuesday to discuss the issue.

Roughly 50 people filed into council chambers to hear the discussion.

The issue doesn't affect current employees, it would also force retirees, many who live on fixed incomes, to pay more to receive health care.

During the work session, public comment was not allowed.

Many retirees say they were told their health coverage wouldn't change even after retirement.

But in an employee handbook that everyone gets, it says the city reserves the right to make changes.

Some of the retirees say an increase to their health costs could really hurt their pocket.

"It could be detrimental on a lot of folks. Certainly the worst case scenario is the employee has to pay or excuse me the retiree has to pay the full amount. That could be almost four thousand-five hundred dollars a year. That's significant, somewhere between three-hundred and fifty, four-hundred dollars a month," said Lynchburg City Retiree Alan Faircloth.

Council made no decisions Tuesday since it was just a work session. They did, however, ask the City Manager to look further into the issue so they can revisit it in the future.