Lynchburg City Officials Proud of Derailment Response Efforts

Lynchburg, VA - Mayor Michael Gillette said he is very pleased with the fast action of the first responders and city employees who were out Wednesday making sure everything was under control after the train derailment.Gillette says the emergency crews followed the proper protocol in securing the scene and making sure homes and businesses had been evacuated.The city manager says fire, police and city officials go over those plans often to make sure they are ready for an unexpected disaster, but the Mayor says they will evaluate their response to the derailment in the coming weeks and months to see if there are any improvements that can be made."We study every event. When something like this happens, we will do an after action briefing. We will study exactly what happened, how it happened, how we responded, and we will be as self-critical as we can possibly be," Gillette said.Gillette also says he is satisfied with the state and federal response. The Mayor says he's been in communication with the Governor as well as several other state agencies who are monitoring the situation.