Lynchburg City Leaders Hold Meeting to Discuss Proposed Bike Lanes Plan

Meeting Wednesday

Lynchburg, VA - The City of Lynchburg is looking for ways to make biking around town a little easier. One proposal involves adding bike lanes to both sides of Fort Avenue.

A part of this plan calls for public feedback, so city officials are holding a public meeting in Miller Park Wednesday evening.

Here are some key facts about the city's bike plan:

  • The city adopted Region 2000's bike plan in 2009.
  • The plan would have a lane stretch along Fort that is going to get these lanes is a distance under 1 mile from Wythe Road to Park Avenue and the Kemper Street Station
  • preliminary study showed there was 150 parking spaces along that stretch and engineers estimate a loss of 50 spaces
  • Traffic volume won't be impacted along that portion of Fort Avenue.
  • The lanes won't come as an additional cost to the city.