Lynchburg City Council and School Board Hold Joint Annual Meeting

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Council was all ears Tuesday night, as school system Superintendent Dr. Scott Brabrand updated council on the progress of the schools' comprehensive plan.

It took place at a joint city council school board meeting at Sandusky Elementary school.

Both school administrators and city council members say, the meeting was all about accountability.

It's council that approves funding for city schools, and it's council that wants to see that money producing the right results.

Brabrand had the floor for much of the night beginning his presentation by outlining the areas needing improvement in the schools' comprehensive plan, as well as some of the successes it's seen. Among them, higher graduation rates, and increases in student attendance, suspensions are down and more students are taking advance placement courses.

Another topic of discussion was SOL scores. City schools saw a slight improvement in math and social studies, but a dramatic drop in reading and science scores.

These presentations made by school administrators, said Brabrand, are in an effort to keep transparency among city officials and the operations of the school system.

"I think the people in Virginia and the people in Lynchburg want to see government work. And tonight was government, good government in action. Cooperation and collaboration between the school system and the city government on doing things to up the bar for our students and for our community" he said.

"We started having these meetings several years back to make sure that the lines of communication are open, that concerns could be aired early in a process and answered appropriately, and so we could all give each other ongoing updates" said Lynchburg Mayor, Mike Gillette.

Capital improvement projects were also discussed; among them, an $8 million renovation to Sandusky Elementary where the meeting was held. City Council will discuss funding of that during their next budget session.

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