Lynchburg Changes Format of their National Night Out Against Crime

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg's Night Out Against Crime, was held inside Tuesday night.

Nearly 300 folks headed to a venue downtown for a potluck dinner. The Lynchburg Police Department has held a night out for years; typically, it's done by officers visiting various neighborhood watch group block parties.

This year they decided to do it differently, inviting all the groups to one location.

Officials say that way neighborhood watch groups can share ideas, and all officers can get to meet representatives from all neighborhoods.

"Each officer has roughly an average of four square miles to cover. He can't be on every street corner. She can't be in every neighborhood. We have to rely on the folks of the neighborhood to help us out because without that, it just won't happen" said Lynchburg's Commonwealth's Attorney, Mike Doucette.

Police say neighborhood watch groups requested changing night out to increase their access to officers.