Lynchburg Celebrates National Bike to Work Day

Lynchburg, VA - People are dusting off their bikes and hitting the roads Friday for national Bike to Work Day.

In Lynchburg, Bikers left from Riverside Park to downtown. The whole point is to encourage people to use alternative modes of transportation, from bikes to the bus.

If any cyclist exemplifies the message of Bike to Work Day, it's Joe Malloy.

"People say, 'Hey, there's Joe. He's the guy who bikes to work,'" said Malloy.

Malloy is serious about his two wheels. He will bike from his home in Boonsboro all the way to his job on Mt. Athos Road and has his reasons why.

"Nothing but God's creation around you, a little time to think, the fresh air - it's wonderful," said Malloy.

Kelly Hitchcock organized this whole day. In addition to the guided bike ride, there's a whole lot more to the day, including a free shower for bikers at the Downtown YMCA.

"Promoting alternative transportation, and the quality of life of this wonderful area that we live in is really resonating across all spectrums of the community, and we're just thrilled about it," said Hitchcock.

At 7:30 a.m. on the dot cyclists roll out from Riverside all headed in the same direction.

After breakfast at the Depot Grille, they biked off to work on this one day out of the year that honors two wheels over four.

"I would love to be as car free as possible. It's just enjoyable to not have to deal with all that," said Malloy.

The first Friday Cheers on Riverfront Park in downtown Lynchburg is getting in on National Bike to Work Day too. In fact, if you bicycle to Cheers Friday, they will valet park it for you.