Lynchburg Celebrates National Bike Month

Lynchburg, VA - May is National Bike Month, and Lynchburg is going all out celebrating! With a collaboration from Region 2000, the Greenway Alliance and the Clean Commute Challenge, there are plenty of biking events the entire month.

The goal of Lynchburg Bike Month is to get more of us away from driving four wheels, and start riding on two.

Freshly painted bike lanes on Rivermont Avenue just popped up this week, and that's got at least one guy excited.

"It's kind of a really neat thing going on and we're seeing more and more people doing it," said Douglas Main, manager of Bikes Unlimited.

Main says he practices what he sells at Bikes Unlimited. He ditched the car for the bike, and has seen at least one big benefit.

"You have to go to work anyway. Two, now you get to involve you exercise at the same point in time too," said Main.

But biking to work isn't a first choice for all of us. Frankly, a bike can feel like a hassle over the convenience of a car. But during Bike Month, most every excuse NOT to bike has a solution.

For example, in May, the downtown YMCA will let you use their showers free, as long as you commuted by walking or biking. And some bike shops will give you a 10% discount if you swear allegiance to Lynchburg Bike Month.

"It's invigorating for me," said Kelly Hitchcock with Region 2000.

Hitchcock is behind the city's biking push. For her, a city that welcomes bikers will be a step ahead of the rest.

"Especially in today's world, people sort of expect these amenities in a community. To see Lynchburg latching on to this is fabulous," said Hitchcock.

If you have a good time with Lynchburg Bike month, and want to shake up your daily commute for the rest of the year, check out