Lynchburg 'Cash Mob' Plans First Hit for This Weekend

Lynchburg, VA - One local group is organizing Lynchburg's own Cash Mob. You may have heard about these - a group "mobs" a local store to buy their products.

The group plans to meet at Hanna's Health on Main Street this Saturday at 8:45 a.m. They plan to shop there, and then head to two other locations downtown.

The purpose is to help local business and to raise awareness to buy local. The organizer says that's important to the local economy.

"If everyone over the age of 18 were to contribute $10 to $20 a month, in a cash infusion into the local economy, we would over the course of a year have increased our spending in the local area by almost $15 million," said Victor Gosnell, who organized the event.

If you would like to attend, you can RSVP on the Lynchburg Cash Mob's Facebook page, or just show up Saturday morning.