Lynchburg Businesses Make Accommodations for Friday's Snow

Lynchburg, VA - Businesses and organizations are keeping a close eye on the weather and for some, it's already changing plans for Friday.

At Meals on Wheels, preparations started early. They say last week's snowstorm has them being even more proactive.

When the director of Meals on Wheels heard about possible snow, she immediately grabbed the phone.

"I was calling to let you know that we are not going to be delivering meals on Friday," said Kris Shabestar.

They're asking volunteers to double up on meals Thursday and canceling service on Friday. Even if the roads are clear, their homebound clients aren't always able to get out and shovel their driveways.

So Shabestar made the decision with her volunteers in mind.

"Anyone who's delivering to them is having to tromp through snow and ice and so we wanted to make sure they wouldn't have to deal with that."

Chief Meteorologist Sean Sublette expects the worst time to travel will be during rush hour, between 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. But he says the snow will be different from the kind we had last week.

"This will be much more powdery, it's going to have less water content. We expect initially it's going to blow around a lot before ultimately accumulating," said Sublette.

At Salon 4109, it would take a lot of snow to keep customers away.

"People will scratch at the door to get in early and stay late. And we're willing to do that," said Jeanine Maxwell, co-owner of the spa.

They've been calling clients to see if they'd like to reschedule their appointments or come in earlier.

Make sure to check our closings and delays page for updates Friday.