Lynchburg Businesses Cashing In on Cold Weather

Lynchburg, VA - Some area businesses are cashing in on this cold weather.

"Every job is an exciting one. You never know what you're going to get into," said Eric Glass, a technician at Wooldridge Heating and Air Service.

Glass is working overtime.

"Six calls a day, and we're probably pushing about 10 calls a day for each technician," said Glass. "We've gone from 38-40 hours to doing 55-60 hours a week."

He says most people complain of their heat not working properly. The cold weather does not bother him because he is prepared.

"I have a pair of coveralls in the truck. If I'm going to be outside for more than an hour, I usually put them on," said Glass.

"I'm ready," said Jeff Anderson, J. Anderson Home Improvements.

Anderson is prepared too.

"I have salt and the trucks are running pretty good, so I'm just waiting on the weather," said Anderson.

He is hoping he will be able to cash in on Friday's snow.

"It would be nice if we could get 6 inches, 7 inches," said Anderson.

Travel Lovers say the cold and snow help them a lot.

We" have had a couple of people over the last few weeks that called and wanted to book something for next week. Get me out of here," Laura Tyree from Travel Lovers.

They say the number one destination is the Caribbean. They say they have seen a 20% increase in people looking to get warm this winter.

"We are so busy right now that it is amazing that anybody is left in Lynchburg," said Tyree.

Travel Lovers says the first quarter of each new year is when they book a lot of travel. The main reasons are that the holidays are over, people are getting their tax returns back, and people want to ring in the new year with a break.