Lynchburg Business Helping Out Blizzard Victims

Lynchburg, VA - At Sterling Oil Company in Lynchburg, their truck stall is one truck short. The missing truck can be found 500 miles to our north, still carrying a banner for Lynchburg.

Eddie Shields from Sterling Oil arrived in Hartford, Connecticut just before the snow began falling. Two days later he's trying to dig out, so he can begin helping out victims of the blizzard.

"You're unprepared for this if you're from Virginia, from Lynchburg," Shields said.

Shields' main goal will be helping grocery stores who have lost power, keeping their generators full of diesel fuel.

"It's really important for the grocery stores since they have so many perishables like dairy, meat, and their frozen foods, they need to keep the power on," said Shields.

Shields says with thousands in the dark, he's prepared to go wherever he is needed.

"Rhode Island and Massachusetts area is running 350,000 without power, so they are considering relocating me to that area," Shields said.

Donna Hensley is the Vice President at Sterling Oil Company. She says she is just happy they can help.

"Watching the news, and knowing you're in the middle of the storm and you're there to help somebody, it's just a great feeling, it's indescribable," Hensley said.

Shields, a Lynchburg Native, says he still has to get used to all of the snow.

"You think your going to make a trip to your truck to get something, and your near waste deep in snow," Shields said.

At last check Shields was still unable to travel away from his hotel, due to the road closures. His current plan is to stay in hard hit areas for a week, but says he will stay as long as there is a need.

Shields is no stranger to helping out storm victims to our north. He spent 23 days in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.