Lynchburg Bikers Banking on New City Bike Lanes

Lynchburg, VA - There's a growing need in Lynchburg right now, with more people getting on a bike to get around town. Problem is, city streets aren't always built for bikers and drivers to share the road.

But the city is changing that.

Slowly, bike lanes are appearing along city streets. They've been installed along a stretch of Rivermont, and they'll soon be added to parts of Fort Avenue.

It's all a part of Region 2000's bike plan that aims to have more folks getting around via this, rather than in their car. And all these lanes are a welcomed site for those who love the sport, saying they've been a long time coming.

"Biking in Lynchburg can be an adventure" said Pete Page.

He would know, he's been scaling the hills of the Hill City on the back of a bike for years.

"There are certain parts where it's more friendly because there's more bikers in that area. With the lack of awareness for bikes in those areas it can be a little more adventurous" said Page.

To prove a point, he strapped a video camera to the back of his bike and made his way down Fort Avenue.

In the video, you can see cars coming extremely close to Page as they pass by him.

"Obviously there's a lot that could go wrong if a driver is inattentive" he said.

But one solution the city is seeking is adding bike lanes. Some have already been added along Rivermont Avenue, and more are expected to be added to stretches of street throughout Lynchburg.

"We would love to see more bike lanes in the town and such, absolutely" said Doug Main, the manager of Bikes Unlimited in Lynchburg.

Athletes aren't the only ones waiting for more bike lanes. Main is banking on new bike lanes bringing new business.

"When you have more bike lanes, more people are going to want, because now you have a specific lane designed for bikes" he said.

And until the day when each city street is lined with his likeness; Page waits with anticipation.

"Biking in Lynchburg is only going to grow" he said.

Region 2000 bike plan developers say as street construction projects get underway in certain parts of the city, bike lanes will continue to be added periodically.