Lynchburg Art Show Attracts Talent From Near and Far

Lynchburg, VA - Artists from all over Virginia and North Carolina came to E.C. Glass High School on Saturday. They showed off their style at the 40th annual Lynchburg Art Show.

It all started as a fundraiser to repair a building back in 1973, but over the years the Lynchburg Art Club has expanded the event.

Now, it serves as a way to raise funds for a local scholarship program. Organizers say nearly 160 artists help make it happen. And they get the chance to show off everything from fiber art to sculptures and photos.

"As a photographer that takes pictures here locally at sights like the D-Day Memorial and the Blue Ridge Parkway, it's great to be out here, show your work and interact with the community," said Mark East.

Artists also had the chance to enter their best pieces in a competition. Judges picked 44 winners in several categories including 'best of show.'