Lynchburg Animal Control Officers Stay Busy

Lynchburg, VA - After months of operating at half staff, the city of Lynchburg will add one more animal control officer to its full time staff of two. Illness and personal tragedy hit the department over the last year, but the department, which operates under the city's police department, hasn't been able to keep a full time staff of four maintained, according to Police Chief Parks Snead. "We are in the process of filling (a third) vacancy," he told ABC 13 in a phone interview. Meantime, Chief Animal Control Warden, Todd Jones, says he's struggling to keep up with his department's extremely busy call load. "I see the call volume," Jones said. "Because I do all the reports and I'm in charge of all the managerial reports and myself. It's hard to juggle both." Currenty, there are two full time animal control officers and one part time officer who answer all animal related calls for the city. Jones said, the city's police officers do assist in answering calls when he and his staff need help. {}