Young Voters Rally Behind Ron Paul

Reporter: Melinda Zosh

Lynchburg, VA - The youth movement behind Ron Paul seems to be working hard hoping he takes the state, and he's got some followers in our area too.

The 20+ voters say it's easy to relate to the 76-year-old candidate.

Kaleb Matson, a Liberty University graduate, made a YouTube video mentioning Ron Paul's campaign.

After three weeks, he's seen more than 100,000 views. Some supporters say Paul's anti-war stance has grabbed their attention. Others are behind his opinions on less government control.

"The young people want to grow up in a free country and he's the one, the champion of the Constitution," said Matson.

"Just knowing that he's an OB doctor and has delivered 4,000 babies is just really neat because I know he has a pro-life stance," said Christina Matson.

"We're standing up for him, because we believe he's right even though it may be a long shot to the presidency. We don't even care. We're going for it," said Josiah Tillett.

They say things like Facebook and YouTube have helped spread Paul's message to young voters.