LU's Brittany Campbell Making Most of Final Season

LYNCHBURG - The Liberty women play host to High Point Thursday and Brookville's Brittany Campbell will be in the starting lineup, a place she's been in every game this year but that hasn't been the case for virtually her entire college career.

She's been at Liberty since 2008 but to her and others it seems like a lot longer. "Everyone asks me all the time, have you graduated yet? What are you doing? Are you still playing? How old are you? So it's funny but I enjoy it. I enjoy the whole process, the whole journey," Campbell said after Monday's practice.

For an athlete who loves to compete, it hasn't been easy. "I tore my MCL my freshman year in December of 2008 and then in the summer of 2009 I tore my ACL and then I had surgery in 2009 and was out the whole year 2009-2010."

Then last year because of an academic discrepancy, she had to sit out again.

Liberty head coach Carey Green said, "It's probably always the most difficult time for an athlete because they're geared to compete. They practice to compete and it's just unfortunate she along with a lot of other athletes always get tested and have to go through some character building times. I think when an athlete is injured and not able to compete they have to find another role. That's part of what life's all about."

She became LU's biggest cheerleader. "[Brittany's] the type of player, she takes it. She'll go with it and she was one of our biggest cheerers on the sidelines the past couple years when she didn't get to play so that helped us out a lot."

Campbell played well as soon as she got to Liberty. In her first five games her freshman year she was filling up the stat book but then the injuries caught up so this year, her senior year, she finally feels like she's contributing in a significant way. "Contributing scoring-wise has been great but I don't always want to focus on scoring points because Coach Green is huge on rebounding and contributing in other aspects but yes it's been very enjoyable and fun. Contributing with points and rebounding is just another avenue I'm grateful for because it is different. It's completely different than what I've been able to contribute in any years prior."

Coaches have big dreams for players and now Campbell's fulfilling those that Green had for her. "She's averaging in double figures and being able to knock down the outside shot consistently and she just recently has been adding more to the game - rebounding, attacking, she's a great shooter that can get to the foul line and get some easy points," Green said.

Brown added, "Brittany is a wonderful shooter. I know I can always depend on her when I kick it to her I know she can hit it."