Luncheon Encourages Minorities To Enter STEM Based Fields

Danville, VA - Local organizations say there needs to be more diversity in STEM fields. Now they're working to change it.Danville United, the Wendell Scott Foundation, and the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research held a luncheon on Wednesday called Enhancing Minority Participation in STEM. Dozens of high schoolers, parents, and educators heard from professionals on the growing need for more diversity in science, technology, engineering and math fields.Students learned about different career opportunities and how to start preparing for them now. "All the students here now will be entering the global workforce in about five or six years. You want to have a diverse pool of thinkers to create diverse policy and strategic options," said Warrick Scott, Executive Director and Founder of Wendell Scott Foundation.Parents also learned how to detect if their child has interest in a STEM field at an early age, and how to foster that.