Lunch and Recess Could Determine LCA's Presidential Election

Lynchburg, VA - Fifth graders in Lynchburg are learning a lot about the presidential election, starting with an election of their own.

The debates didn't happen in front of a crowd of thousands, and the Electoral College won't cast the votes. But at Liberty Christian Academy, the campaign trail is heating up.

Instead of political parties, the four candidates are split by class sections.

Candidate Michael "Ooch" Crowder doesn't see why his tax returns should be relevant.

"I want to make changes to this school cause sometimes things aren't fair," said Crowder before taking the podium.

Social studies teacher Dianne Carniol organized the mock convention.

"They're each giving speeches today, why the rest of the fifth grade should vote for them for president," she explained.

Their running mates were chosen less for political ideology than loyalty.

"I just thought that we would make a good team together. So, I just thought that I would be the man to do the job," Jordan Leslie explained of his decision to run as vice president.

All four candidates took some time from their busy schedules to answer the tough questions like: what they are willing to do for the 47 %.

"I will petition to get Friday movies and maybe lunch outside," Dahlia Thomas, another candidate explained.

"I'm gonna be a godly example and try to help you with anything you struggle with," added Grace Patterson.

According to the latest unofficial poll, Drew Lipscomb's platform addresses the key issues: Extra recess, lunch with high ranking school officials and holding a daily devotion.

With just seven days until the voters speak, just about everything is on the table.

"I also want to change the lunch time and stuff, cause I'm eating way too fast," Crowder added.

This is the first mock convention LCA has had.

All four candidates will spend this weekend meeting with constituents before election night -- one week from Friday.