LU to Harvest a Portion of School's Produce

Campbell Co., VA - Talk about going green. Liberty University is building a 15 acre community garden right now and they are going to serve what they grow to students.

This week, the school presented the plan to Campbell County officials so they could get a special use permit. They need that to use the area for educational purposes. The goal is to have that special use permit in place by April.

The idea came to fruition last spring, but they are really moving along. A good portion of the garden on Sunnymeade Road in Campbell County is done. There are two greenhouses in use right now. LU says they built this garden to give students the experience of everything from seeding to weeding to harvesting. Once they grow their crop, half of it will be used by the cafeteria and the other half will be donated to local charities. It is something that has the student body pretty excited.

"I think it's really neat. It's really cool just to be able to see the different people that God's put in my path and just that way this has come about. It's something that I have always dreamed but never really imagined happening," said Alicia Cripe, LU Campus Garden Manager.

The plan is to grow produce on a much larger scale over time.