LU Students Injured in Bus Accident Released From Hospital

Lynchburg, VA - There is new information on the Liberty University bus that ended up in a ravine Saturday night, sending four students to the hospital. As you may remember the bus was carrying 19 students when it went over an embankment around 8:30 PM.

Liberty University released a statement Sunday afternoon, saying that all four students who were taken to the hospital were released Saturday night.

Sunday, two students who were in a car behind the bus when it wrecked, shared their story with us. They say the whole incident was quite scary for everyone involved.

Brian Travers and Justin Laskowski were driving just feet behind the bus, when things went terribly wrong.

"I look back in enough time to see the bus go down the hill, bounce a few times, and when it went off the retaining wall it looked like it was going to turn over on itself," said Travers.

"I was running down the hill, one of us called 911," said Laskowski.

"There was just smoke pouring out of the bottom of the bus," said Travers.

Before the smoke had even cleared, Travers and Laskowski, say they began helping their fellow students.

"Some people were more shaken up than others, some people were off walking around, making sure they were ok, making sure others were ok. There were some people lying down in front of the stairs, they had laid them down and there were people surrounding them," said Laskowski.

After helping those who had made it off the bus, Travers, then turned his attention to those who were still be on board.

"I see the bus driver kind of huddled over the wheel on the bus, he is kind looking around, like wait what just happened," said Travers.

In all, several students were treated on scene for minor injuries, and four were taken to the hospital, all have been released.

As for Travers and Laskowski, they say the accident was dangerous, but could have been much worse.

"If he had been any further up the hill when he came down, it would have been a lot worse. I think God definitely had his hand on that," said Laskowski.

Students say the sidewalk where the bus landed is usually pretty busy.

Thankfully, no one was there when the bus came crashing down.

We are still waiting to hear back from Lynchburg Police as to the cause of the wreck.