LU Sets Up Scholarships in Memory of Recent Fire Victims

Victor Kwatemba

Reporter: Lauren Compton

Lynchburg, VA - New scholarships set up by Liberty University will ensure that the memory of two men killed in recent fires in Lynchburg will live on.

Liberty University has set up a memorial fund to honor 24-year-old Aaron Horton. Horton and his wife Rachael died in the fire on West Princeton Circle last month. He was an LU graduate and hoped to teach at the school.

On Thursday, Aaron's parents met with Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Junior to thank him. LU plans to match any contributions made to the memorial fund. It'll be offered to any students with an interest in history.

"It makes my heart feel good that we are able to do something to continue on with things that they have done, and they're not forgotten," Aaron's father Kenneth Horton said.

LU has also set up a scholarship for international student Victor Kwatemba, who died in a fire on Valleydale Drive early Sunday morning.

It's a full four-year scholarship for a Kenyan student who wants to study at LU.