Liberty University School of Aeronautics Sees Success

Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University's aviation programs are really paying off.

The School of Aeuronautics has expanded rapidly over the past several years. The department started 10 years ago with just four students.

Now, there are about 600 students training to be pilots, flight attendants, and even learning about airplane repairs.

The aircraft mechanics program is a 12-month long hands-on program, and leaders say it's working -- grads have a 100% pass rate on the FAA certifications.

"And we've also had a 100 % placement rate, so they're all out in the industry working on airplanes today or they're pursuing their careers as pilots or perhaps in the mission field," said Dave Young, dean of the School of Aeronautics.

Dave Young says most of the 70 pilots that have graduated are working in the private or government fields.

The school also graduated its first class of flight attendants this past May. Two of them have just been hired by U.S. Airways.