LU Ranks #18 for Beauty and Brains

Lynchburg, VA - Some at Liberty University are very proud of their newest ranking. The Liberty Flames are some of the top students for both beauty and brains. This, according to the website College Prowler, a college ranking site.

LU ranked 18 on the beauty-brains list. The site says it ranks schools based on input from students at the schools, 7,000 schools at that.

This got students on campus Thursday buzzing. Here's what two had to say about all the fuss:

"For us it's neat to see that we are recognized for something like that, where I'm sure a lot of times people don't view us in that way," said Lauren Dunnavant.

"Top 25! I'll definitely take that. There's definitely some good looking people at this school, and it's a big school so there's a lot of students to choose from for that," said Alex Ecker.

I'm sure you are curious about some others on the list. Duke came in at 17 for beauty and brains. And number one was Brigham Young University.