LU Plays Home Finale against Brevard

Lynchburg - The 6-and-4 LU football team plays its home finale Saturday at 3:30 against Division Two Brevard College of North Carolina.

Brevard runs the triple option and is 3-and-7 entering its final game of the season.

Turner Gill, LIBERTY FLAMES HEAD COACH, said "This is their bowl game if you want to call it that, so to speak. Coming in here, the last ballgame for their year and now to come in here and play us, it'll be a great opportunity for 'em and so we've got to make sure that we're on our best game."

Hunter Steward, FLAMES SENIOR OFFENSIVE LINEMAN - "This game is just as important in the big scheme of things trying to make the playoffs. We have to win this game in, I think, a dominant fashion to show some people that we play some pretty good football around here in Lynchburg."