LU Partners With Production Company to Create Films

Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University's Cinematic Arts Department has created a new partnership that leaders say will be giving its film students a one-of-a kind program.

The department has teamed up with a Christian-based production company out of Dallas, Texas called EchoLight Studios.

It's a 5-year agreement for five full-length feature films. Liberty says EchoLight will oversee the films' financing, production and worldwide distribution.

The director says this is a "very unique" program.

"It's unique, I think, to any film school in the country because it allows the students to look at how to develop products for the marketplace and think about and think about designing films for the marketplace," said Stephan Schultze.

The partnership will allow LU students to make their own short film, even develop a business plan for a film as soon as March.