LU Law Professor Launches Program to Tackle Sex Addiction

Lynchburg, VA - A Liberty University Law Professor is sharing a very personal story, his battle with sex addiction, so others don't have to suffer in silence.

This week, he launched a worldwide program, equipping churches with tools to help members overcome it.

Sex addiction is a lot more common than you may realize. In one poll, nearly three-fourths of Christian men admitted to struggling with pornography on a daily basis. In another, one half said they are addicted to porn.

Joel Hesch lives in a suburban Lynchburg home, has a loving family, a law degree and a job at Liberty University. But 15 years ago, he was a self-proclaimed sex addict.

In his new book called 'Proven Men: A Proven Path to Sexual Integrity,' Hesch shares his personal story.

He explains how daily masturbation led to sexual fantasies and nearly led to a physical affair.

"How did it affect my life? It nearly cost me my marriage," Hesch explained.

While tackling his addiction, Hesch realized there were few resources available, leaving other Christian men suffering alone.

Along with his book, he has a website,, and a 12-week study program.

It tackles issues like lust, pornography and masturbation from a biblical perspective.

"We get emails all the time from people around the world saying, 'Hey, I need help. I've heard you've got this proven path. Can you send me some resources?'" said Hesch.

Coincidentally, his program is also being launched the same week as a new movie. 'Don Jon' is about a New Jersey man addicted to porn.

As for Hesch, he prefers to use his real-life story, his real-life struggle in hopes of reaching one million men.

"We believe there's millions of men that are crying out for help," Hesch added.

Hesch's wife also wrote a chapter in the book about how she dealt with her husband's addiction.

Proven Men Ministries, a Virginia-based nonprofit, is offering Hesch's book and study guide to churches across the globe.