LU Hockey Team Plays on Falwell's Lake

Bedford Co., VA - Bedford County seemed a little more like back home for some Liberty University hockey players from Canada.

The LU hockey team practiced Wednesday morning on the frozen pond outside the home of university President Jerry Falwell, Jr.

The team practiced on the lake once before, five years ago, but it hasn't been cold enough to do it again until now.

"It's a rare thing in this part of the country and as a southern boy it scares me to death, but these Canadians swear it's safe," said Jerry Falwell, Jr.

The ice is about four inches thick. They say they need two inches to play safely.

Falwell and Coach Kirk Handy checked the ice for two days prior to the practice. The ice thickness was measured using a tamping bar.

The ABC 13 Weather Experts say it's not a good idea to attempt to walk on a body of water that appears to be frozen. For it to be safe, it needs to be below freezing for several days in a row.