LU Debate Team Gives Romney, Obama Advice

Lynchburg, VA - For both candidates the stakes are high as they try to win over Your Voice, Your Vote. Monday, we checked in with an award-winning debate team on what sets one's performance apart.

Liberty University's debate team is about as good as they get - nationally ranked. In fact, four time defending national champs. So, they have some tips for the president and his contender.

For the first time in months, Governor Romney and President Obama will be on the same stage. LU's Debate Team will be watching with a microscope. If their trophy case is any indication, these young men and women know how to debate.

"The political process just fascinates me," said Mark Febrizio, LU debater.

Mark Febrizio's advice for both sides: no flip-flopping.

"It can lead to the audience or the judge not really buying the arguments you're making because they don't see it as credible," said Febrizio.

Fellow Debater Aaron Siegrist has his tips too. For the President: be concise; and this for Romney:

"I think one of the things that's been plaguing his campaign is that he seems like someone who's in his white ivory tower and doesn't have much of a relationship with people in the Middle Class," said Siegrist.

Debaters say staying on message is key, but easier said than done. LU Debate Coach Michael Hall says nerves sometimes take over. He works with politicians to keep those nerves under control.

"That format can be very intimidating. And so the very first thing is practicing through the format enough that the candidate becomes comfortable enough with the idea of debating," said Michael Hall, LU debate coach.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds 56% expect the president to win the debates. Starting Wednesday, we'll find out. The first presidential debate starts at 9:00 p.m. You can watch it on ABC 13 News Wednesday night.