Liberty University Changes Concealed Carry Policy

Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University has changed its concealed weapons policy, allowing more people to carry guns in more places on campus.

Faculty and staff were already allowed to carry concealed weapons in university buildings. This amendment allows students and visitors that same privilege. Previously, people in those groups could carry on campus, but would have to lock up their guns in their cars or at the university police department before heading inside.

While there is no concrete evidence Liberty University's concealed carry policy has prevented an incident on campus....

"There'd been absolutely no problems," said David Corry from LU General Counsel.

No issues with members of the campus community who have chosen to carry concealed weapons since November 2011, according Corry.

Now LU has amended that policy, allowing students and visitors to campus with state issued and university permits to carry concealed firearms into campus facilities, with the exception of dorms.

Students and visitors had previously only been allowed to carry their guns outside campus buildings.

"These are the same people who are able to carry concealed weapons throughout the city, throughout the state. The state has blessed them and we've also run our separate check on them here with our university police department before they're issued an extra permit that allows them privileges on our campus," said Corry.

As a member of the student senate, LU senior Craig Storrs worked with administrators on the policy change before he even held his concealed carry permit, issued by Pennsylvania.

"I believe that the students and the faculty and the staff have proven themselves responsible and capable of handling firearms on the college campus," he said.

But Corrs isn't carrying because he hasn't gotten his permit from LUPD yet. After working to gain trust and change the rules, that's one rule he won't break.

Many LU students like Storrs come from out of state.

Virginia recognizes concealed carry permits issued by several other states. The university will recognize any permit the Commonwealth does.