LU Baseball Team Helps Timberlake Dixie Youth

Campbell County - Timberlake Dixie Youth baseball players got a real treat Monday night. Liberty Flames head coach Jim Toman brought his entire team over to put on a two hour clinic for about 50-to-60 players, ages 5 to 12, helping them with baseball skills and just having a good time on the diamond. Hard to tell WHO who was having more fun, the young kids or the older guys. The young kids even got to dog-pile on Coach Toman at the end of the night.

Jim Toman, LIBERTY FLAMES HEAD COACH, said "It was fun to dog-pile when we won the Big South Tournament a few months ago. Wasn't expecting one tonight, but I guess the guys, some of our players must have told 'em to jump on me. So I figured I'd go down gracefully and try not to land on someone. But that was pretty much fun."