LU Aeronautics Program Receives Big Donation

Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University has gotten a huge boost to its aeronautics program; two planes, a Cessna Skyhawk and a King Air, donated by Dynamic Aviation.

The school also got three new flight simulators, they were donated as well.

LU officials say the Skyhawk will open up more spots for students to log flight hours.

The King Air will be used for mechanic students, to learn about the insides of the aircraft.

School officials say the simulators are extremely important to students hoping to become future pilots.

"Most importantly, it keeps the cost of training down for the student. It duplicates situations that we cannot replicate in the airplane itself; systems malfunctions, emergencies" said Dave Young, the Dean of Aeronautics School.

Officials say the state of the art equipment will also act as a great recruiting tool for future students.