LPD: Working 'Several Leads' to Solve Rape

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg police say they're working several active leads after a woman was apparently raped at random earlier this week.

Police say around 9 p.m. Monday, a man walked into an unlocked home on Liggates Road, beat up and raped a middle aged woman.

Police say they're working to get a composite sketch of the suspect and neighborhood watch groups are passing out flyers with the very latest information.

Police don't track the number of stranger-on-stranger rapes. But in 2012, there were 32 rapes reported in the City of Lynchburg, and there have been six so far for 2013.

The police department's crime prevention unit met with neighborhood watch groups near Liggates Road a few weeks before the rape was reported. Steve Wood says some neighbors expressed concern about several suspicious people in the area.

"They don't know who the person is yet -- so the neighborhood is on edge," Wood said.

Fort Hill Community school is directly across the street from where the rape was reported.

A spokesperson for Lynchburg City schools says they always encourage students to walk to school in groups and to be cautious, but they aren't taking any other special precautions.