LPD Officers Recognized for DUI Training

Lynchburg, VA - The Lynchburg police department is being recognized for its DUI enforcement.

Three officers: Ronnie Sitler, Mark Rolfes and John Zeh were recognized at a conference in Virginia Beach this month.

They're certified to train law enforcement across the state on how to handle DUI traffic stops.

Officer Sitler says statistics show the more they enforce the law, the fewer alcohol-related deaths there are.

"These people that were recognized are going throughout the state and getting the other academies up and running, so that everybody will be teaching the same thing statewide," Sitler explained.

About two dozen LPD officers, Amherst County deputies, Campbell County Deputies and State Police will be conducting DUI checkpoints Friday night.

Sitler says they try to hold them at least once a month to show the public they're out in full force.