LPD Looks To Social Media For Crime Prevention

Lynchburg, VA - It's now one of the largest crime prevention tools in their arsenal. The Lynchburg Police Department is touting their Facebook page, as playing a big part in how they keep the city safe. Steven Wood, a crime prevention specialist with the department is responsible for upkeep of the page. He said it was virtually unused until the 2012 derecho, but since, daily posts, crime stoppers tips, and helpful safety hints cover the page. As a result, they went from a few hundred, to a few thousand likes, in less than a year. "Social media is community policing for the 21st century. This is how you reach the public. Every high schooler, every college kid in the city of Lynchburg and we have to think about that because there are so many extra citizens when college is in, this is how we reach the public" said Wood. Officers are hoping the page will continue to grow. If you're interested in liking their page, click here.