LPD Investigating Skirmish at Friday Night Football Game

Photo: Tim Moss

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg Police are at the center of their own investigation after a scuffle between a few officers and two teenage boys.

One teen ended up with a fractured wrist, the other was tased.

According to eyewitnesses and officials, it happened Friday night during half time of the E.C. Glass - Heritage Game at City Stadium.

Right now the families of both of the young men are looking for answers. The boy who was tased says he was attacked.

"They pushed me up against the wall and then he said, 'Tase him.' and then I sat down and then they tased me," said 16-year-old Tremaine Green, 16 yrs. old,

Lynchburg Police say the kids assaulted the officers, giving one a minor injury. Police confirm that Tremaine Green was tased.

Physically, Green looks okay. His cousin, Montavius Wells, 15, wears his story, however.

"He has a fractured wrist and a strain to his left shoulder," said Wells' mother Elexis Wells.

"It started with this right here: 'Hey, what school are you from?' So the kid looked at him and said, 'Huh?' He said, 'What school are you from?'" said B.B. Shavers, SHOPO President.

Shavers says he saw the whole thing.

"SHOPO, this is what we are about. We're about helping the kids. We're about helping the community," Shavers continued.

The story differs slightly, depending who you ask. From what ABC 13 is able to gather, the kid with the cast was in the bathroom during halftime and approached by an officer. He admits he took a swing at the officer after he says the officer grabbed him.

Tim Moss is the guy behind photos of the incident.

"It was really disturbing to see that the officers of the Lynchburg Police Department had to use that sort of force on a young man," Moss said.

Lynchburg Police Spokesperson Lieutenant Dave Gearhart says the department has a policy in place when it comes to using force. He says all officers are trained on how to select the method of force based on the circumstances they see.

Police continue to look into the issue for more details. Their investigation is continuing.