LPD Chief of Police Responds to Use of Force on 14 Year Old

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg police responded to a home on July 21st after receiving calls that someone had been bitten by a dog and that the person who claimed to have been bitten was threatening the dog's owners and was armed with a handgun.When officers responded to the scene, they found that the suspect was not armed. During that time, officers had to restrain a person who later turned out to be 14 years old. Police say he was displaying threatening behavior. They did not use a taser on him nor on anyone else at the scene.According to Chief of Police Parks Snead, no arrests were made by officers. However, the 14 year old that was temporarily restrained by officers sustained "minor abrasions to the knee and foot." No serious injuries were reported to officers or observed by officers. No medical attention was requested by the juvenile or by the juvenile's guardian.According to police, the people involved in the neighborhood dispute were advised how to file charges. According to Snead, all LPD use of force incidents are investigated by command staff members as standard operational procedure. That use of force investigation is ongoing in this case. He also stated that the information available at this time indicates that officers acted within LPD policy and procedure in responding to these incidents.