Low Temperatures Make For Difficult Morning Commute

Sun shines through ice-encrusted tree limbs Friday morning.

Lynchburg, VA - Central Virginia's in clean-up mode now, and VDOT's making good progress.

Early Friday morning, plow trucks were able to start tackling the secondary roads. Ice has been the culprit. That's why VDOT urges drivers to still be careful on bridges and ramps, which tend to freeze first.

Friday morning, we caught up with some people who braved the conditions and made it outside.

When Central Virginia woke up, overnight snow turned icy, and little Cody was itching to play in it.

"This is my puppy's first snow and he loves it, even though he's probably shaking and it's cold. But, I'm willing to stand out here while he runs around," said Lim Hong.

As for Cody's owner, she isn't so sure about this storm. It's beautiful; but, her Honda needs a good, hard scraping to break free from the ice.

"That's like my least favorite part of the snow day actually, the ice, all that, the slush," said Hong.

She's not the only one. Ice made for some tricky walking. Over at the bus stop, Gerald West braved the a.m. chill, tiptoeing around ice patches on the sidewalk.

"It's the ice actually. It's really the black ice you have to watch out for," said West.

"We didn't have any problems at all," said Rosellen Morris, works at Country Kitchen.

The ice did not keep Rosellen Morris from getting to work. Country Kitchen on Lakeside Drive held to their normal business hours.

"I think they did a good job from where I came from," said Morris.

And regular customers, like Cheryl Franklin, appreciate that they're open. She stopped in for a bite before opening up her own business. Our first big snow outside surely wasn't going to keep Franklin locked up inside.

"I was coming from Timberlake and everything was great - roads were clear, traffic was moving fine, no problem," said Franklin.

One more thing that is really important if you live in Lynchburg: the city says when we get an overnight snow like the one we just got, you are expected to shovel the snow off your sidewalk by noon that day.