Low Gas Prices May Be Effected by Sandy

Danville, VA - Gas prices have been coming down and many are wondering if they will continue to fall in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. AAA officials say it is still too early to tell.

They expect the demand for gas will decrease in the days immediately following the storm and that means prices will go down.

But if the damage is extensive at large oil refineries in New Jersey and other areas in the Northeast, prices could go up.

Just in case, locals have been stocking up while they can.

"I like that idea, anytime we can have a decrease. Of course, I'm sorry to hear all the problems and things that the hurricane has brought, but as long as we can get things a little bit cheaper, it will be a lot better," said Danville resident Rickey Graham.

Assessing the damage at those refineries could take days or even weeks as conditions in the Northeast remain unstable.