Love is Alive and Well by Noreen Turyn

Well what a story that was about Margaret and Pershing Mays. When we put out the call for the greatest love story out there, we got so many nice submissions that really give hope to cynics that true love is indeed alive and well.

We heard about how a rescued dog ended up bringing a young couple together in a roundabout way, and now they're engaged. {}How a man who went to tell a World War Two widow about how his buddy, her husband was shot down and killed, they continued corresponding by mail, and got engaged the second time they saw each other in person. Then there's the woman whose husband left her at the altar-- when they were little children. {}She had been flower girl and he was ring bearer, but ran away during the procession. {}Little did they know later in life they'd end up together.

But the story of Margaret and Pershing is so deep and dear. When I went to shoot it, my heart swelled when I witnessed the deepest of all loves. I wanted to begin with Pershing in his own home and just see what life was like from his end of things. {}I wanted to hug him as he told me about how his wife doesn't remember so many things, and how hard that is to get used to. {}And how he got sick himself from devoting early mornings to late nights visiting and caring for her at the nursing home. {}And how hard the decision was to have to put her there permanently, but there was just no choice. {}And how lonely it is for him now.

I don't want to reveal too many personal details, but my 90-year-old father is very much a caretaker for my 85-year-old mother, and I can see how exhausting it is for him. She is not in the same condition as Margaret Mays, but she does need a great deal of help. I'm so grateful my father is still quite fit and mentally sharp, but I do worry about his own health

So you can see why, if you saw the piece on the air, it moved me to tears. I must admit that surprised me when it happened. I had obviously written the piece and I edited myself, so I had worked on it for many hours and watched it back several times, so it wasn't like this was the first time I was seeing it. But it just came out. {}And judging by the enormous viewer feedback, I'd say the whole thing struck a chord with many of you as well.

For all the young loves out there -- the lesson here is: don't be willing to give up too easily. If you get through trials and tribulations, the end result could be the most beautiful friendship and deepest, truest love you've ever imagined.