Lots of People Stocking Up For Cold At Danville Lowe's

Danville, VA - The shelves in Danville hardware stores are getting bare as folks prepare for this cold blast.

ABC 13 stopped by Lowe's and found people coming in and out all day.

When the forecast calls for extreme cold, hardware stores start to get crowded. Shelves empty out, and folks like Bill Carroll rush to get supplies.
"Just trying to do a little last minute cover some pipes at my house that I should have done before now," said Carroll.
Carroll knows that if he doesn't insulate the pipes at his home, they could freeze when the temperatures drop.
"If you had something break, it would take you a while to get your water going again once it freezes," said Caroll.
Danville Lowe's Store Manager Shannon Moon says they prepare for the crowds.
"We do carry a little more this time of year and keep it not only in the shelf but on top stock so we can pull it down and refill the shelves as needed," said Moon.
But some items still sell out.
"It's good that we've sold the product, it would be nice to have more product to fulfill the customer's needs," said Moon.
Moon says kerosene heaters typically are the first to go. They also sell a lot of propane heaters and generators.
"People just want to be prepared. Obviously it is better to be prepared than not be prepared and have to suffer the worst," said Moon.
It's something that Carroll hopes he won't have to go through.
"I just hope this doesn't last too long," said Carroll.
Moon suggests to stock up as early as the Fall on emergency items such as heaters and generators. That way they won't be sold out when you need them the most.

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