Lots of Experience Leaves Campbell Co. Board

Campbell Co., VA - A lot of experience is leaving Campbell County's Board of Supervisors.

Tuesday night, incumbents Hugh Pendleton and Charles Falwell were beat out by Eric Zehr and Mike Rousseau.

Rustburg's Hugh Pendleton served on the board for six terms, or 24 years.

Timberlake's Charles Falwell served on the board for two terms, a total of eight years.

Falwell says he believes raising taxes hurt his campaign.

Taxes went up a bit because of a $12.5 million shortfall in state funding.

"The people have spoken, they want somebody else. I hope that Mr. Rousseau will use some common sense, will look at it, and see the fact that sitting on the board, you cannot do everything you think you can do when you're campaigning," said Falwell.

Zehr and Rousseau will take office in January.