Losing Whitney by Sally Delta

I never thought I'd feel so connected to someone I never knew, but Whitney Houston's death felt like losing an old friend.

Her music carried me through my childhood, and pretty much every stage in my life.

Growing up, every chance I had, I sang - in the car, at my aunt's house, in my room, everywhere and anywhere - just ask my family. My two favorite artists were Mariah Carey and, of course, Whitney. I remember writing in 3rd grade that I wish to be a singer when I grow up, and there was no one I admired more than Whitney.

When The Bodyguard came out, I wasn't allowed to watch the movie because it was rated R and my parents said that I was too young. But one night I acted like I was sleeping, waited for my parents to go to bed and then snuck back downstairs to watch (sorry mom.)

My next Whitney obsession was Waiting to Exhale. I remember walking around the track during recess and singing just about every song on that soundtrack with my friends.

Whitney's music is powerful; it brings people together. As a young adult, a college student studying abroad in Australia in fact, one song brought all the American, English, Australian and Swedish girls together: "I Wanna Dance with Somebody."

Just like a scent can connect you with a time, place or person, Whitney's music brings back so many great memories. She had talent none can match; may she rest in peace.