Lori Alder

Grayson Alder, 11, nominated her mom Lori Alder:

"MY MOM IS THE BEST MOM EVER! Here is the story:

When I was a baby I had health problems. I had to stay in the hospital for a long time. My mom was with me 24/7. I had to stay in this thing like a cage, and I would cry and scream for my mom. My mom felt so bad for me. Sometimes she would cry.

One day, the doctor said that I wasn't going to make it. My mom got down on her knees and prayed like there is NO tomorrow!

Dr. Falwell called my mom and told her to take 'NO' for any answer. That REALLY encouraged her! The next day the doctors came to her and said I was healed.

At first I didn't have any T cells or B cells.

Then God gave me one of them! Every month, I have to have a transfusion in order to live. They have to put a needle in my arm. My mom is always there to hold my hand! I LOVE MY MOM!"