Looking Back on the 'Blizzard of '96'

Lynchburg, VA - Sunday marked the anniversary of the Blizzard of 1996, which paralyzed parts of Virginia.

When the snow began to fall on the evening of January 6, 17 years ago, it stuck to the ground instantly and came down hard for hours.

Viewers have submitted photos of the storm in our area. Some show cars completely snowed in on Rivermont Ave.

When it was all said and done with, storm totals of 40 to 48 inches - that's four feet, were common in the mountains of West Virginia.

During this storm, both Roanoke and Lynchburg recorded their all-time high 24-hour snowfalls of 22.5 and 22 inches, respectively.

Blacksburg received 34 inches of snow from the blizzard.